• Perrückenstück (Hair Piece)
    • Model: Italian concert arias
    • Other allusions:
      • "The Civilian Barber" plays on the title of The Barber of Seville. The leading character, Figaro, is here called Le Figaro, after the name of a French newspaper.
  • Suite
    • Pieces referenced:
      • Rossini, Overture to William Tell
      • Sound Off (marching chant)

The pieces in the Suite are titled:

  • Entrance of the Dragoons (Tempo di Marsha)
  • Dance of St. Vitus
  • His Majesty's Minuet
  • Fanfare for the Royal Shaft
  • Her Majesty's Minuet
  • Departure of the Dragoons (Tempo di on the double)
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