• Model: Baroque cantatas, using various bluegrass/folk instruments and motifs
  • Pieces referenced:
    • Shave and a Haircut
    • J. S. Bach, Brandenburg Concertos No. 3 and 5
    • J. S. Bach, "Air on the G string" (Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3) [L. P.]
    • Irving Berlin, "Blue Skies" [L. P.]
  • Other allusions:
    • The closing section with spoken jokes imitates the TV shows Hee Haw and Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in. The line "Sehr interresant, aber dumm!" is a German translation of a line often spoken in the latter by Arte Johnson in the role of a German soldier, with the final adjective varying.

This is the only P.D.Q. Bach piece presented in the "original German." An English translation of the lyrics is available on the official P.D.Q. Bach site.

1. Recitative and aria: "Blaues Gras"

2. Recitative and aria: "Du bist im Land"

3. Recitative and aria: "Ich sehe"

4. Chorale: "Ich gehe Krüppel Bach hinauf"

5. Duet: "Sag' mir"